I have published my phone app, now what??

So you have survived the development process and were able to get you phone app on the marketplace, what is the next step? Ignoring the market aspect, the main thing is to keep testing, enhancing and updating. Just because you were successful, it does not mean there are no bugs. I found out after myContinue reading “I have published my phone app, now what??”

End of the Zune HD devices?

Early this summer Zune Originals closed down and yesterday Jessica and Matt closed down the Zune Insider podcast. If you look at the Zune.Net website, using a Zune device is not one of the displayed options. I picked up my Zune HD at Fry’s in Renton and Fry’s no longer has any Zunes on theirContinue reading “End of the Zune HD devices?”