WP7 / Zune HD poor travel clocks?

Is there no way to change the time zone on a WP7? Or did I not properly RTM?

We are taking a break from the heat and we are cruising around the North Sea up to the Article Circle.

I have tried to use my Zune HD and WP7 as travel clocks and have been frustrated. The Zune HD will let me set the time, but the alarm clock app wants me to plug the Zune HD in. I guess I should have brought a USB power supply because the thought of leaving my laptop on overnight is not really an option. Like me, it likes to get its’ sleep.

I would have liked to have done the same with the WP7, but it seems it likes to talk to the net. I have no big problem with this, but the Canadian telecommunication costs are a quite excessive. Add to that the roaming charges and I tend to travel with my data communication off. I only need my WP7 as a phone.

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One thought on “WP7 / Zune HD poor travel clocks?

  1. You could put it in Airplane mode to shut off all ‘radios’ (cell phone, BT, WiFi). It’s a bit of a pain to have to do manually, but that should stop the attempts to connect for data/email, etc.
    I use the WP7 as my travel alarm clock 100%, and always travel with a two-port USB adapter, so that I can charge two different USB devices – covers my WP7, Zune HD, husband’s WP7 and Zun 8G, and both of our Kindles 🙂

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