End of the Zune HD devices?

Early this summer Zune Originals closed down and yesterday Jessica and Matt closed down the Zune Insider podcast. If you look at the Zune.Net website, using a Zune device is not one of the displayed options. I picked up my Zune HD at Fry’s in Renton and Fry’s no longer has any Zunes on their website. So has the Zune device gone the way of the Kin?

Everyone has to grow in their jobs and Jessica and Matt have to move on. So thier leaving says nothing about the future of the Zune devices, but the fact that they did not hand the riens for the show over to someone else does.

The indication that the WP7 is the replacement to the Zune HD is a bit disappointing. The WP7 UI has improved over the Zune HD UI, but there is a need for both devices. I will not elaborate over why you need a WP7. It is a great device and sells itself. So why keep the Zune HD? It has far more storage than the WP7. You can kill the battery on it listening to music or watching videos and you still have power on your phone to call. Though streaming media gets around the WP7 capacity limitations, it is not always the best route. There are places in the world where you can not get internet or the cost is excessive (this summer, my daughter had a $1,500 roaming charge on her phone for using her phone for a few days on a cruise in the North Sea). So yes, there is the hassle of carrying two devices, but I think the benefits outwiegh the hassle. Besides both are sleak small devices unlike the old days of the multi pound cell phones.

Hopefully this is all unnecessary speculation and there will be an upgrade to the Zune HD with the WP7 UI.

Of course, today is October 1st and MVP awards are being announced. The award is for community activity in the past year and I have seen someone awarded as a Zune MVP. Maybe things are not as bad as it seems.

Update: It looks official: Zune.Net reports that the Zune devices are out of production. http://www.zune.net/en-US/support/zuneplayers/supportzuneplayers.htm

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