Visio Mastery

This is the resurrection of

Many decades ago, Karl, Felix and their helpers set up a website for MVPs, as a place for the MVPs to set up websites to support the Microsoft communities they supported. The sites contained FAQs, examples and other things the MVPs wanted to make available to their communities.  Originally the websites were I attempted to manage Eventually They moved to, so my site changed to

At the time, websites were new, now they are quite common. So after two decades, Karl, Felix & Co, Decided to shut the site down. Rather than turn the lights off, they parked the sites. The websites are still available, but they can not be updated.

So, to be able to continue updating the information I provided on I have updated my WordPress blog to include those pages and plan to add new material. The pages are Visio History, Samples of Visio VBA and Shapesheet techniques. Since Technet Gallery has been shutdown I plan to add a page to cover the Visio contributions and other Visio shapes and stencils I have.

I am not sure of the 3rd party page. It was for Visio shapes and stencils I found on the web. To respect the creators IP, I only included a description and a link. Over the years, websites changed or were deleted, so the links started to break.

So, Thank you Karl, Felix & Co.