Universal Apps – Multilingual Toolkit

I fell in love with the Multilingual Toolkit when it was first introduced and found it very useful to add multiple languages to my apps. The only down side was that the submission process increased with each language. Even so, the Toolkit was useful in translating the text that is submitted with the app. AllContinue reading “Universal Apps – Multilingual Toolkit”

Multilingual Toolkit does not work?

After looking at my download stats last week, I decided to upgrade all my WP7 apps to WP8 and continue developing from the there. The stats should that it was no longer worth the effort of maintaining a WP7 version of the code. The existing programs would remain in the marketplace, but not be updated.Continue reading “Multilingual Toolkit does not work?”

Visual Studio and the Multilingual Toolkit

This August while taking a river cruise through Europe I created a multilingual phrase book. It worked great, but the way the multilingual toolkit worked with Visual Studio was a pain. Once you added words and phrases to the default language AppResource file, you had to launch the multilingual toolkit translation app to do the translation. ThoughContinue reading “Visual Studio and the Multilingual Toolkit”

WP8 Looking for Mr SkyDrive

So far, my phone apps have been self contained and did not talk with the real world.  So my latest app involves communicating with a PC. There are a number of articles on using web services, but I wanted to be out of the loop. The user should be able to transfer from their PCContinue reading “WP8 Looking for Mr SkyDrive”

WP Developer in a Guilded Cage.

I have been working on Windows Phone apps for several years and I am still having trouble getting traction on creating new apps. Creating a Hello World is not a problem, but creating something more sophisticated requires a lot of effort. There is information out there, but it does take some work sifting through theContinue reading “WP Developer in a Guilded Cage.”

WP7 Thems Mighty Big Words Partner.

During one of the local user groups presentations, I had to send several notes to the presenter and to some of the organizers.  At the time I wrote on a notepad (the old fashion type). Considering my terrible handwriting it was not a great success, so I decided to write a Windows Phone app for that.Continue reading “WP7 Thems Mighty Big Words Partner.”

WP7 Problem with Tiles – orphans

I have a new WP app – Banner http://visio.mvps.org/WP7Apps/default.html or http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/banner/696719a5-e1f7-4baa-b4c0-69108a8aae0e that displays a message in the largest possible font for a given orientation as a scrolling banner. Inverted landscape displays a secondary message.  To allow the user quick access to a message, the original design included secondary tiles, but other than text, the tiles wereContinue reading “WP7 Problem with Tiles – orphans”

WP7 Can you translate that for me? VS Multilingual Toolkit

I have done a few apps that support several languages and the basic process was not bad but juggling the translations was far from easy. It required exporting to Excel, merging the English language with the new language. The hint column in the resource file was not bad, but it was easier just merging theContinue reading “WP7 Can you translate that for me? VS Multilingual Toolkit”

A weekend of models and bondage?

I know it is Friday, but has taken five days to recover enough to talk about that weekend.  Too bad it sounds more exciting than it was. I spent the weekend trying to understand data binding and data models. I have been working on my next Windows Phone app and ran into a problem. For some reason,Continue reading “A weekend of models and bondage?”