Further Around the Bend

If you want to fill a shape, the basic rule is that you need consecutive line segments that form a closed loop. You can also go into the shapesheet and set the NoFill cell of the Geometry section to False. In this case, the numbers are the shapesheet row numbers, the green arrows show theContinue reading “Further Around the Bend”

UK Counties

The map of the UK Counties is far from perfect, but I have uploaded it in case what is there is good enough. There is also UK map by David Parker I mentioned in my Canadian Map blog. Here is the Visio drawing of UK Counties.

Oh? Canada

I enjoyed embellishing the US map by states so I decided to create another one. I had considered doing one of Canada, but from personal experience, I knew some of the members of the current Visio team do not like Canadians. Though the earlier Visio team had created an add-on called Maps, the current mapContinue reading “Oh? Canada”