UK Counties

The map of the UK Counties is far from perfect, but I have uploaded it in case what is there is good enough. There is also UK map by David Parker I mentioned in my Canadian Map blog. Here is the Visio drawing of UK Counties.

Oh? Canada

I enjoyed embellishing the US map by states so I decided to create another one. I had considered doing one of Canada, but from personal experience, I knew some of the members of the current Visio team do not like Canadians. Though the earlier Visio team had created an add-on called Maps, the current mapContinue reading “Oh? Canada”

Refining the Shapesheet Section template

Now that I have put the Braille shapes to bed, back to the Shapesheet Section template with a quicky post. I started the Shapesheet Section stencil to help with documentation that involves the Shapesheet. I am constantly saying Visio shapes are more than clip art. When it comes to adding Shapesheet sections to documentation, VisioContinue reading “Refining the Shapesheet Section template”

Visio Braille Part 2

Before posting my Braille shape, I decided to embellish it first. The original shape was a single shape that had a Geometry section (Ellipse) for each of the dots (pips) and user cells User.Dot1-Dot6 contained the list of characters the shape represented. The Ellipses are independent of the shape and positioned by the X,Y ofContinue reading “Visio Braille Part 2”