Universal Apps – Sort of?

In WP8, I can set up a view and use a few SortDescriptions and I have view several my data in a sorted format. Not so with a universal app. The answer I received from the forums is that: Universal apps are based on WinRT, not Silverlight. As you can see in the relevant APIs: Windows.UI.XAML.Data.CollectionViewSourceContinue reading “Universal Apps – Sort of?”

Universal Apps – Multilingual Toolkit

I fell in love with the Multilingual Toolkit when it was first introduced and found it very useful to add multiple languages to my apps. The only down side was that the submission process increased with each language. Even so, the Toolkit was useful in translating the text that is submitted with the app. AllContinue reading “Universal Apps – Multilingual Toolkit”

MVA is not just for IT guys

For the past month I have been looking at MVA – Microsoft Virtual Academy.  I did check it out when it was first released, but it basically had IT Pro related courses. Though I prefer to wear a dev hat, I did play an IT Pro in the past. My IT Pro experiences were backContinue reading “MVA is not just for IT guys”

Formatting Debug Writeline

For the past few months, I have been working on a Windows Phone app that uses several tables. Most of the time when I debug, I rely heavily on Debug.Writeline to help me keep track of what is going on as I test an app.  If the app crashes, I can look at Output andContinue reading “Formatting Debug Writeline”

Watch your language! VS Multilingual Toolkit for Win 8

So I survived using the Multilingual Toolkit with the phone, Windows 8 should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, the experience could be described as crumby. The documentation is either piecemeal, refers to older methods or different languages or has been deleted. If the Toolkit is the preferred way, the older documentation needs to beContinue reading “Watch your language! VS Multilingual Toolkit for Win 8”

Survey Says… It is your turn to help out.

The IT Pro team at Microsoft Canada is focused on ensuring that they help set you up for success by providing the information and tools you need in order to be get the most out of Microsoft based solutions, at home and at work. Twice a year, Microsoft sends out the Global Relationship Study (GRSContinue reading “Survey Says… It is your turn to help out.”

It is Thanksgiving. Is that why Windows 8 is acting like a turkey?

For the past month, I have been trying to get a Windows 8 machine ready for Windows Phone 8 development. Luckily, the WP8 SDK has been delayed. I guess it is my fault for using two laptops I had lying around rather than buying a new machine. I have been able to install Windows 8 onContinue reading “It is Thanksgiving. Is that why Windows 8 is acting like a turkey?”

WP7 Migrating to Metro

Though it is trivial to create a Windows 8 Metro styled app, converting from WP7 is not really simple.Existing WP7 apps will be recompiled to work under Metro, but nothing has been said whether this is a one time event or the developers will have the oppurtunity to continue to modify the WP7 code. AContinue reading “WP7 Migrating to Metro”

Windows 8 – Where do you start?

In Windows Phone seven, it was easy to find the starting page, you just looked in WMAppManifest.xml and look for the NavigationPage tag of the Tasks sections. The file is small and there isusually only one task. Unfortunately in Windows 8, it is not as straight forward. Like WP7 apps, the real start is inContinue reading “Windows 8 – Where do you start?”