Christmas Lights

This is an example of how a custom line pattern can be used to represent Christmas Lights.


This is an Excel file of more than 4,700 colours. It contains the name and RGB values. It is inclusive so there are duplicates but the RGB values may differ and the RGBvalues may have different names. The file also contains reference to the collection names that provided some of the colours.

Connection Strip

This was to answer a question in Visio User Voice about distributed conection points.

DoCmd Codes

DoCmd codes. What is DoCmd(1312)? This download is a tab delimited text file that contains a list of codes that can be used with the DoCmd. The file can be loaded into Excel and sorted by command name or command number.  

Ethernet Shape

This is a modified version of the Ethernet shape with no internal lines. All lines connected to the Ethernet shape are terminated at the edge of the Ethernet shape.


This is a stencil that contains several line paterns of feet.



This is a stencil that contains a gauge (or meter) with a moveable dial.

Inclusive Design

Microsoft has a website on Inclusive Design. This is a set of Visio shapes and PowerPoint shapes.

Map of Spain

This Visio drawing contains a Map of Spain with separate shapes for each province and title.

Phone Data Jack

When drawing up blueprints, symbols are used to represent what items are. Rather than a simple X to mark a jack, the symbol can represent the type of jack it is and since it is not easy to see in an overview plan, whether the jack is wall mounted, Ceiling mounted or floor mounted.


This stencil contains a shape that creates a polygon. The shape has a pair of custom properties that specify the number of sides and the length of each side.

Pool Table

One of Visio’ strength is that it is more than clipart. This stencil contains a pool table shape, that has smarts to control the cloth colour and adjust to a variety of standard pool table sizes.

Security Badge

This is a very generic looking security badge that can be used in a workflow to show that a security badge is created or required. The colour of the badge can be changed so that in the workflow, different type of badges can be created or used. In one workflow you may only be creating a low security badge so the colour of the badge could be yellow. In another part of the workflow, you may want to show the requirement of a high security badge by setting the shape to red.

Sines and Cosine

This Visio drawing contains four line patterns for drawing Sines and Cosines. One pair will replicate the pattern as it is stretched and the other will just stretch.

System Thinking

System Thinking Stencil.

Theatre Lighting

This is a collection of lighting shapes for Theatre Lighting based on “USITT RP-2 Recommended Practice for Theatrical Lighting Design Graphics.”


This is a phone keyboard Visio shape for a VRU (Voice Response Unit) flowchart. It is not as smart as I wanted, but it is a start. The Visio drawing contains a few drawings that show how a VRU flowchart would look. The flowcharts do NOT use the new keyboard.

WP Accent Colours

This is an example of how to implement the Windows Phone colours in Visio. The colours are stored in the document shapesheet.

A bunch of shapes

I was asked to convert a graphic file to Visio shapes.

Online education and e-learning decorative icons set isolated vector illustration

Male Female Symbols

I was asked about Male / Female symbols in the Answers forum.