Handling the Curves

Let us explore how Visio handles curves. This is a normal rectangle. You can add rounded corners by selecting the Format Shape Dialog. From the Home tab chose Line from the Shape Styles section, then choose Line Options from the Line dropdown. That will bring u the Format Shape dialog. Near the bottom is theContinue reading “Handling the Curves”

Looking for Answers

I regularly check the Visio section on Answers.Microsoft.com for questions to answer, but a lot of times, there is nothing new. So, sometimes I will change the URL and replace en-us with fr-fr or de-de, maybe there are new Visio questions in the French or German group. On the weekend I scrolled down on theContinue reading “Looking for Answers”

Visio Title Block

Recently a user asked in the Answers forum about Title Blocks and I figured that, that would be a good beginner’s topic to talk about. The user was familiar with AutoCAD and title blocks, but was having trouble with the concept in Visio. Most Engineering / Architectural drawings have a concept called a Title Block,Continue reading “Visio Title Block”

Does Visio have enough Precision?

A Visio user in the Answers Forums asked about an issue with the Precision feature in Visio. He was having trouble with feet-inches vs decimal feet. The “Precision & Units…” feature is not built into Visio, but is implemented by a right click feature in the shapesheet. It is in both the Metric and ImperialContinue reading “Does Visio have enough Precision?”

Visio Format Code Mysteries

I have been trying to compile a list of the various Format codes Visio uses for information. I have created a sampler shape that shows a variety of what I have found. I have found that the documentation on Visio Format codes has gaps. These are some of mysteries into. Mystery 1. Predefined Format CodesContinue reading “Visio Format Code Mysteries”

Measurement in Nanoseconds

I have been exploring how Format codes are used in Visio. Recently I came across a comment on one of Visio Guy’s blogs, detect-drawing-units-in-the-shapesheet, back in April, the poster was asking about measurements in nanoseconds, something that Visio Guy had indicated Visio did not support. Actually he indicated units that Visio did support and nanosecondsContinue reading “Measurement in Nanoseconds”

Help Analyzing Shapes

I have been analyzing a Visio feature in some of the shapes implemented through the shapesheets to understand what is going on and provide guidance for anyone who wants to implement the feature on other shapes. (Sorry Dave no pictures.) The feature involve the User and Shape Data sections, some lists, lookups and nested IFs.Continue reading “Help Analyzing Shapes”

Does Visio have a Y2K Problem?

In the last blog I mentioned the joys of Y2K, it seems Visio has a Y2K problem, but there is no rush to tell them, it will not reoccur until Jan 1, 3000. I have updated the sample table to include these examples. The Y2K bug? if you look at Times_Minutes, m supresses leading zeroesContinue reading “Does Visio have a Y2K Problem?”