Just cut the RED wire

I have been working on a twisted pair Line Pattern for wires in Visio and I ran into a problem. I wanted to highlight the wires by adding an ouline to it but as it stretched the Fill patterns, there appeared vertical lines every time the pattern repeated. (The horizontal lines in the below imageContinue reading “Just cut the RED wire”

Mea Culpa Graham Wideman

For several decades I have been incorrectly quoting Graham on what I thought was a neat technique with Visio line patterns. It is, but I messed up. When you create Visio Line Patterns, the areas that are black will use the shapes line colour, so if you really want black, you have to use “almostContinue reading “Mea Culpa Graham Wideman”

My Friends think I am Twisted

Recently, fellow Visio MVP Scott Helmers asked me if I had a line pattern that represented twisted pair wires. I mentioned that there was one in the collection of line patterns John GoldSmith talked about in 2008. Unfortunately, the example was a loose pair, so I decided to create my own. If you look atContinue reading “My Friends think I am Twisted”