Last night’s project was to try out Mango on my phone. I am not a heavy phone user, so I did not have a lot to lose if anything went wrong.

The instructions were relatively straight forward, but there were a few issues.

The preamble could have hinted that all your settings in Zune would be retained after you deleted the previous version. As a Canadian, not all the functionality of the Zune HD is supported in Canada. After installing the new Zune software, all my previous settings were restored, including the ability to download podcasts. It was though nothing had changed.

Since the beta bits of the Mango development tools were released earlier, there was no explanation about whether you needed to reinstall them.

Step 5b indicates that you should connect the device, but no where in the previous steps does it say to disconnect the device. It also did not indicate to close the Zune software. It went into step 5 and indicated that there was an update (Mang0) to applied.

Overall, a very painless process. Now to start trying it out.

Since it is 3am, I only was able to do a little poking around. The only disappointment I found was that when running OneNote, it warned that it was going to use the SkyDrive and that would incur costs. Before OneNote used local storage, which was fine, but in Canada, phone plans are expensive. Most of the time I just need to keep notes on my phone, I do not need to sync them with the cloud. If that is the only way to go, I prefer the old version of Office on the phone.

Time for bed.

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  1. Very interesting. I still have to update, but your blog gives me some confidence that I CAN DO IT! :> Thanks.
    If I can do it, anyone can. John…

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