Visio Gallery

In the begining…

This Visio 18ft skiff was raced every Sunday during the summers of 1998 and 1999.  The race began out of Double Bay as part of the New South Wales 18 Footers Sailing League.  The local Visio Sales Team would invite targeted Visio customers to follow the race within Sydney Harbour in a spectator boat where they were able to enjoy the harbour being surrounded by hundreds of skiffs with a glass of wine and perhaps a shrimp or two.   A good time was had by all, and the Visio Sales Team found that good customer relationships led to good sales too.
Visio’s Creative Services tribute to celebrate the company name from Shapeware to Visio.
The code name for Visio 4.0 was “Blackcombe”.
The IntelliCAD book looked like IKEA
Visio “Maps” spelled spam backwards, which was humorous.
Visio actually ran on the Apple for a little while, but was never released. This was a splash screen.
by Chris Roth and Matt Towers
Chris Roth’s spoof of the name shApeWare.
This is why I enjoy the ribbon.