US Map

Earlier this month, someone asked if there was a Visio shape of the US segmented by states. The user wanted to add data to the states (Data Connectivity) and colour the states depending on that data (Data Graphics – Colour by Value). My usual recommendation is to find a suitable image in SVG format. IContinue reading “US Map”

List Container

I did not have a good spring healthwise. The worst part was not having access to a Visio machine. Thanks to the prompting from a friend, I have made it to my Visio machine to write about Visio. One thing I seem to have overlooked in my quest for being able to create Visio sectionContinue reading “List Container”

I need a break

I was programming Visio almost from the beginning. At the time it was in C. Around version 3, Visio was the first non MS product to fully implement VBA, including the macro recorder. When VBA was introduced, I was hooked. I could quickly automate Visio. Well almost, they did not trap the Break key. YouContinue reading “I need a break”

Being on Track

Railroad Tracks Recently I was asked if I had a Visio line pattern for railroad tracks. I did not, but it was not hard to create. Decades ago, I came across an AutoCAD collection of shapes for an Atlas HO train set, so it was not hard to use one of the straight track railroadContinue reading “Being on Track”


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Hi, I am JM Visio MVP and have been volunteering with Visio since 1993, shortly after Visio 1 launched.

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