Visio Braille

I was getting withdrawal symptoms from not blogging about Visio or creating a new Visio shape for a while. I have not done this all year. Visio is a graphics package and it may seem strange that I created a shape for the blind. The shape is simple and is a good example of howContinue reading “Visio Braille”

Handling the Curves

Let us explore how Visio handles curves. This is a normal rectangle. You can add rounded corners by selecting the Format Shape Dialog. From the Home tab chose Line from the Shape Styles section, then choose Line Options from the Line dropdown. That will bring u the Format Shape dialog. Near the bottom is theContinue reading “Handling the Curves”

Show me your Id

I have been quiet because I have been trying to work out what happened to Visio to make the twisted line pattern I created at the beginning of the year corrupted. I should have taken a screen shot when it worked. It seems that there is now extra fill. Hopefully the Visio team can figureContinue reading “Show me your Id”


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Hi, I am JM Visio MVP and have been volunteering with Visio since 1993, shortly after Visio 1 launched.

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