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To be able to create the Visio Visual Section document meant, I needed to mine the information from Visio shapes. The easiest way was to let loose CellsSrc() on a series of shapes and let the code create a file of what it found. Visio is big on using enumerations, but they are not good…

Visio Visual Sections – Update

I have added a description to each section in the Visual Sections document and added some missing details. I was able to fill in some of the blanks. A new copy is available in the Download section.

Whose my parent?

Sorry David, no pictures this time. This is a very quick post. I came across a Stack OverFlow question. The user had a shape that contained other shapes and wanted how to reference the parent shape. The posted answer…. Although there nothing like “parent”, you can use shape id directly. You need to find the…

UK Counties

The map of the UK Counties is far from perfect, but I have uploaded it in case what is there is good enough. There is also UK map by David Parker I mentioned in my Canadian Map blog. Here is the Visio drawing of UK Counties.


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