Looking for Answers

I regularly check the Visio section on for questions to answer, but a lot of times, there is nothing new. So, sometimes I will change the URL and replace en-us with fr-fr or de-de, maybe there are new Visio questions in the French or German group. On the weekend I scrolled down on theContinue reading “Looking for Answers”

Visio Title Block

Recently a user asked in the Answers forum about Title Blocks and I figured that, that would be a good beginner’s topic to talk about. The user was familiar with AutoCAD and title blocks, but was having trouble with the concept in Visio. Most Engineering / Architectural drawings have a concept called a Title Block,Continue reading “Visio Title Block”

Visio Format Code Mysteries

I have been trying to compile a list of the various Format codes Visio uses for information. I have created a sampler shape that shows a variety of what I have found. I have found that the documentation on Visio Format codes has gaps. These are some of mysteries into. Mystery 1. Predefined Format CodesContinue reading “Visio Format Code Mysteries”


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Hi, I am JM Visio MVP and have been volunteering with Visio since 1993, shortly after Visio 1 launched.

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