Time to do the laundry

I am always on the look out for new candidates for Visio. More than a decade ago, I came across a series of symbols for laundry. What intrigued me was the washing shape. It had a series of dots to indicate maximum temperature going from one to six dots. Rather than two rows of three,Continue reading “Time to do the laundry”

What is in a Name?

The standard name for a Visio shape is Sheet.nnnn and most people change it to a more logical name. You can do this with the sub shapes that make up a grouped shape. So, what happens if you decide to revert back to the original Sheet.nnn style? Select the subshape from the Drawing Explorer (OpenContinue reading “What is in a Name?”

I need an OED

I have enhanced the Visio stencil shapes so that each shape has custom properties (AKA Shape Data) that is pulled down to the various cells in the shape. I have also updated how the Control Handles that control the width of the cells work. So,I now have a stencil of Visio section shapes that IContinue reading “I need an OED”


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