Connection Strip

There was a recent request in about Distribute connectors vertically and horizontally and it sounded like an interesting shape to create. It is basically a 1-D shape (a line that is attached to a 2-D shape to add connection points.) The shape has fifteen connection points, but uses Shape Data to make from 1Continue reading “Connection Strip”

ShapeSheet Shapes

A lot of people only know Visio as an app to create business diagrams with clip art and connecting lines. Some have realized you can connect the diagram to a data source like Excel and bring life to the content. Some have also realzed you can add embelishments to the shapes called Data Graphics thatContinue reading “ShapeSheet Shapes”

Best foot forward

One of the things I love about Visio is that if I shape you wants does not exist, you can create it. Contrary to what some Microsoft departments think, Visio is not a collection of static clip art. The shapes can be smart. In addition to shapes, you can make your own fill patterns andContinue reading “Best foot forward”


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