Headers and Footers

Some of my friends have told me that some of my recent posts have been very good, but very technical with a limited audience. So, I am switching to common Visio features that may not be properly understood. Anyone who has used Word or some of the other Office products are aware of a conceptContinue reading “Headers and Footers”

More Row Types

I published a Word document of the Visual Visio sections I found to my download page. The document contains cells from CellsSRC() that do not appear in the visual sections. They are highlighted in red in the document. Though there are some that are labeled as Unused or have nonsense names, there are some thatContinue reading “More Row Types”

What section was that in?

You can become a Visio master without turning on the developer tab, but if you do, then the real magic happens. It opens the world of the shapesheet and access to the internal structure of Visio. Visio has two types of sections, the visual sections you find when you “Open Shapesheet” and the real dataContinue reading “What section was that in?”


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Hi, I am JM Visio MVP and have been volunteering with Visio since 1993, shortly after Visio 1 launched.

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