Is it Metric?

I am working on a blog post about Title Blocks and doing some research on adding a Scale value to a Visio text block and came across an interesting post by the shape miester Visio Guy (AKA Chris) (my usual research method is to review blogs by the Visio MVPs) Detect-drawing-units-in-the-shapesheet In the comments, oneContinue reading “Is it Metric?”

Visio sees the Lite!

I have been waiting for a lite version of Visio since version 3, Before that there was a demo version, so people could give Visio a try. Actually, the reason I have been hooked on Visio since Visio 1 and have been volunteering in the Visio community for the past three decades was that demo.Continue reading “Visio sees the Lite!”

Visio EllipticalArcTo

The EllipticalArcTo row, is a mystery. So, time to give it a look at, like I did the Ellipse row. So, I need a semicircle to play with, so using a 2″ circle and a 3″ horizontal line, align them on Center and Middle, select them both and from the developer tab use the FragmentContinue reading “Visio EllipticalArcTo”


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Hi, I am JM Visio MVP and have been volunteering with Visio since 1993, shortly after Visio 1 launched.

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