I have published my phone app, now what??

So you have survived the development process and were able to get you phone app on the marketplace, what is the next step?

Ignoring the market aspect, the main thing is to keep testing, enhancing and updating. Just because you were successful, it does not mean there are no bugs. I found out after my second app was certified that though I restricted entry to a numeric keyboard, I needed to ad extra logic to make sure my number only had one decimal place. The certification process can only test so much. Of course, they are always adding new tests. Even the certification team does not sit back and say they are finished.

Make the user part of the solution. Provide the user with means to provide feedback.

When you do provide updates, be honest and provide an explanation of what has changed. I have two apps on my phone that do basically the same thing, adult versions of a Pokemon game. The apps are Foursquare and 4th and Mayor.  Both have gone through updates, but only Jeff Wilcox’s 4th and Mayor lets you know what is in the updates.

Most users will explore a new app and set up mental warning signs if there are problems. Too many warnings, the app gets uninstalled and you have lost a user. Without clues as to what has changed on the update, the user will not explore areas that they have mentally blocked off. Update notes will let the user that it is safe to explore that area.

So, I have an app submitted to the marketplace, so I will add to this blog when I find out more.

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