Radio on the Zune HD

In February 2010, I picked up a Zune HD while traveling in the states and have loved it. At the time, the device was not available in Canada. Since I already have a large collection of music, the lack of access to the Zune marketplace from Canada was not a big issue.

One problen I do have is how the Zune HD handles Radio presets. While playing a radio station, the Zune HD provides all sorts of information on the radio station and the song being played. In the middle of the screen is the frequence that the radio station is broadcasting on. At the top of the screen is the radio stations call sign and below it is the tag line for the radio station. Beneath the frequency is the name of the song and the artist.


When I set the radio station asa preset, none of that information is used. It seems to fill in the call sign from some other source. Our local station for FM 106.1 has a call sign of CHEZ, but the Zune HD records the station as WFCL with no tagline. (CHEZ’s tag line is “Classic Rock”).

So what should happen?

The Zune HD should be using the callsign and tag line displayed by the radio station when the preset is recorded.

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