Visio – Non standard Timelines

One of the long time requests for the Visio timeline is to support something other than standard dates and times, items that are not related to the standard concept of time. This can be accomplished by NOT using date formats in the shapes. Each shape is grouped and has a top level shape that containsContinue reading “Visio – Non standard Timelines”

Pretender to the Throne

I see that SmartDraw is still not being honest when they compare themselves to Visio. Visio was the innovator in business graphics alomst twenty years ago. There is always a competitor who wants to grow their business by comparing themselves to the innovator. CorelFlow did that for awhile. So what is wrong with the comparison?Continue reading “Pretender to the Throne”

The Ribbon is cute, but where is…

With Visio 2010, Visio has now joined the other core Office apps and now supports the ribbon. The ribbon on displays what is relavent for the task at hand. With the old menus, I ended up turning almost all of them on and wasting screen real estate. So in a way, I like the newContinue reading “The Ribbon is cute, but where is…”