Dual Outlets

The VBA code to stack shapes was used to create a series of shapes that represented inserts into the cap of a bottle that allowed hoses to be connected. For the single connections, the shapes making up the stack were horizontally symmetrical, so after stacking the shapes it was a simple matter of aligning all the shapes around their centers. The dual connections were only slightly more complex. All the shapes were aligned around the same center, but the shape through the cap was offset from the rest. So, it was just a matter of adding a horizontal guide to align to the edge of the bottom shape above the cap and then horizontally move the part within the cap to align to the guide. The next step was to use the Size & Position window to add the horizontal offset to that shape.

So, now I had a single outlet shape with the proper offset. The next step was to group the shape, duplicate the group and align the two grouped shapes horizontally and vertically. The result is a dual version of the shape. Cleanup involved deleting the duplicated section through the cap, ungrouping and doing a Join operation to simplify the shape. Since I had to do a number of shapes of various cap sizes, outlet sizes and offsets, I kept a master of the single outlet version (the one with the offset), so I could earebuild the shapes.


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