HELP! What is that ABOUT?

Or The Frustions of Development… I know that the Windows Phone is a new environment, but life would be easier with some good examples. Of course, actually finding these examples is also an excercise in frustration. Since the original C langage (aka COBOL), the use of compound words has been prevalent. Names like BRINGFORWARDDAILYREVENUETAXAMOUNTS wereContinue reading “HELP! What is that ABOUT?”

Visio GeoTrax

Any time I get bored I do a web search on keywords. Today I was looking for an old Visio logo and did a Bing on “Visio 1”. One of the interesting discovery was a stencil for Geotrax Link broken ;-( For more on Fisher Prices GeoTrax go to Link broken ;-( JohnContinue reading “Visio GeoTrax”