Who Messed up my bed?

One of the things I love about Visio is smart shapes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Visio shapes that are not smart. Including a number of shape collections from Microsoft that are just basic shapes. This is not the Visio team’s fault because Microsoft is a large company and not everyone really understands whatContinue reading “Who Messed up my bed?”

Visio 2016 Electrical Engineering Shapes

While researching a new PowerPoint deck on Visio 2016, I came across a supposed update to the Electrical Engineering stencil. Unfortunately, the way I learned how to draw EE shapes, long before Visio existed when I was getting my EE degree, was what was in Visio 2013. The bold lines in 2016 are distracting andContinue reading “Visio 2016 Electrical Engineering Shapes”

Open Shape Surgery for the Visio Developer

One of the first gotchas for new Visio developers is the UnGroup command. Visio shapes are simple, they can have one colour and one line type. To make a traffic light, you need to group a red circle, yellow circle and a green circle. When grouped, Visio will take a collection of shapes and createContinue reading “Open Shape Surgery for the Visio Developer”

Taming Geometry Sections in Visio

Ever create a pair of shapes in Visio, butted them together and do a Union operations and find that the joining line between the shapes does not disappear and find that the new shape has two geometry sections? So, before you start to copy rows from one section to the other, place a rectangle shapeContinue reading “Taming Geometry Sections in Visio”

Are Visio Shapes Stacked against you?

Recently I have been working on some Visio shapes that were basically a stack of rectangles. Though Visio has tools for aligning and distributing shapes, it does not have an easy way of stacking shapes. If you are lucky enough to have shapes that are multiples of the grid size, it is a piece ofContinue reading “Are Visio Shapes Stacked against you?”

Future of Visio?

Visio was introduced 28 years ago and has unfortunately become complacent. The Visio wannabees have become established and use half-truths to promote their products. What was Visio’s last oh wow feature, something to make the market pay attention? In its’ life time, most under the Microsoft brand, Visio has come out with some interesting innovations,Continue reading “Future of Visio?”