Visio Shape Explorer

To be able to create the Visio Visual Section document meant, I needed to mine the information from Visio shapes. The easiest way was to let loose CellsSrc() on a series of shapes and let the code create a file of what it found. Visio is big on using enumerations, but they are not goodContinue reading “Visio Shape Explorer”

The adventures of Visio section shapes continues

A while back I created a stencil of Visio section shapes. They were based on screen shots of the Shapesheet, I added control handles to adjust “cell” widths. The cells content was stored in Excel. I then loaded the “cell” contents from Excel. So, I had shapes that looked like Shapesheet sections, but they hadContinue reading “The adventures of Visio section shapes continues”

ShapeSheet Shapes

A lot of people only know Visio as an app to create business diagrams with clip art and connecting lines. Some have realized you can connect the diagram to a data source like Excel and bring life to the content. Some have also realized you can add embellishments to the shapes called Data Graphics thatContinue reading “ShapeSheet Shapes”