Visio Ellipse Part 2


So, what happens when a circle rotates? The Geometry row is unchanged, but the shape angle changes and the bounding box is at an angle. To correct the bounding box, you can do Developer > Operations > Union. Now the shape looks the same as before, but if you look at the Ellipse Row, the values of the A,B and C,D cells have changed. the Major and Minor axes are now at an angle. You can highlight this by adding a Control section as described in the first part.

Remember to populate the X,Y values of the Controls rows with the values of the Ellipse’s X, Y, A, B, C, D before you point the cells to the Controls section.

Now you can use the Control handles to see what happens when you change the A, B, C, D cells in the Ellipse row. This is far easier than just plugging in random values to the Ellipse row.

Try this with a 1:2 Ellipse and experiment with different angles.

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