Visio Ellipse Part 4

So, why the interest in the Ellipse row? I came across a set of symbols that seemed ideal for Visio and some of the shapes had an interesting way of indicating heat settings. A series of dots from one to six.

Dot Pattern

Initially I wanted to do this as a shapesheet segment, so I worked out the minimum requirement to create an ellipse, an Ellipse Geometry row with a User cell defining the radius and the X,Y cells defining the position. The other cells of the ellipse would be based on the X,Y cells and radius.

With the pattern and the fact that it would be part of several shapes, I decide to make a separate shape that would be wired into a group shape using the User.Count cell. This is the result.


Of course, that was a cut & paste image, the real shapesheet is far more verbose and distracting, but it should give an idea of what the shapesheet looks like,. The values for A, B, C& D are the same as in the previous post.

Next step is to finish those shapes.

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