WP7 Shake, Rattle and Roll

One of the nice features of the new WP7 emulator is the ability to emulate motion on the emulated device. Unfortunately, there is only one prerecorded action and no documentation on how to add your own. Thanks to one intrepid explorer, Den Delimarsky, he created an app to capture the motion http://dotnet.dzone.com/articles/custom-accelerometer-motions. In that article, heContinue reading “WP7 Shake, Rattle and Roll”

WP7 Full samples May Not Be Enough

Though some of the features are pretty straight forward, some of them require having hooks all over the place. So I try to find fully working examples. Recently I came across a sample app that creates a statistics page that can be used to display information for an About’s page. The good thing was that itContinue reading “WP7 Full samples May Not Be Enough”

HELP! What is that ABOUT?

Or The Frustions of Development… I know that the Windows Phone is a new environment, but life would be easier with some good examples. Of course, actually finding these examples is also an excercise in frustration. Since the original C langage (aka COBOL), the use of compound words has been prevalent. Names like BRINGFORWARDDAILYREVENUETAXAMOUNTS wereContinue reading “HELP! What is that ABOUT?”

WP7 Flipping Dice – Part II

Thanks to a suggestion by Peter, one of my mentors, I abandoned the idea of tapping and went with capturing the flicking gesture. One of the problems with using a button was hiding the animation caused when the button pressed. There also was other issues.  It just did not feel as natural as flicking. WithContinue reading “WP7 Flipping Dice – Part II”

WP7 Upgrading to WP7 Mango

The process seemed faster than the upgrade to the beta version of Mango. There were two upgrades, but it was all down in one pass and the final result is a phone running Mango version 7.10.7720.68 aka Windows Phone 7.5. So I am on the other side of North America from the boys and girlsContinue reading “WP7 Upgrading to WP7 Mango”

WP7 – What is Shaking?

While upgrading one of my apps to Mango, I came across a possible issue with one of the new APIs. Part of the app simulates the rolling of dice and uses the ReadingChanged event. With Mango this method is depricated in favour of CurrentValueChanged. So I decided to upgrade to using Motion rather than theContinue reading “WP7 – What is Shaking?”

WP7 Dynamic Pivot example

In the App Hub forums I came across a discussion of data binding on a pivot item. http://forums.create.msdn.com/forums/p/67287/412542.aspx. In one of his replies Peter Daukintis gave a link to his skydrive to download a basic example. (I love it when people actually provide a working example to play with). This is an interesting example ofContinue reading “WP7 Dynamic Pivot example”