WP7 Upgrading to WP7 Mango

The process seemed faster than the upgrade to the beta version of Mango. There were two upgrades, but it was all down in one pass and the final result is a phone running Mango version 7.10.7720.68 aka Windows Phone 7.5. So I am on the other side of North America from the boys and girls in Seattle and on the other side of the border, but I still was able to upgrade my phone faster than I expected. A vast improvement over the teething problems with the other upgrades like NoDo. Since this is a major release, it looks like they have smoothed out the wrinkes in the distribution process and have the service providers in line.

Yes Peter. One step, no backing out of the beta and reloading a backup. This is not something special, it came right from Telus. Hopefully Roger is also in step so that your focus can be updated.

John Marshall… Visio MVP       Visio.MVPs.org

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The original Visio MVP. I have worked with the Visio team since 1993

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