I have published my phone app, now what??

So you have survived the development process and were able to get you phone app on the marketplace, what is the next step? Ignoring the market aspect, the main thing is to keep testing, enhancing and updating. Just because you were successful, it does not mean there are no bugs. I found out after myContinue reading “I have published my phone app, now what??”

WP7 The Trials of making money!

So far, not a lot of luck making money with apps. So the quest continues. One suggestion to make money was to create a Trial version. Of course, if you are not planning on making money, no Trial is needed. The process seems simple, but somehow I do not have a lot of confidence in howContinue reading “WP7 The Trials of making money!”

WP7/8 Mystery of the screen bounce?

I have been working on a new app that required more screen real estate than the phone provided.  All my attempts to get a canvas inside a standard ScrollViewer ended in having the unusual effect that I could not scroll to the bottom or far right. As soon as I took my finger off the screen,Continue reading “WP7/8 Mystery of the screen bounce?”

Rule 1 of samples. – They should be helpful.

I was looking forward to working with the new WP8 development environment. So after the delays in releasing the WP8 SDK and taking care of the extra needs to run the WP8 emulators, I was glad to see how easy it was to upgrade my WP7 apps to WP8. There was a lot of workContinue reading “Rule 1 of samples. – They should be helpful.”

WP7 Migrating to Metro

Though it is trivial to create a Windows 8 Metro styled app, converting from WP7 is not really simple.Existing WP7 apps will be recompiled to work under Metro, but nothing has been said whether this is a one time event or the developers will have the oppurtunity to continue to modify the WP7 code. AContinue reading “WP7 Migrating to Metro”