Thanks for the Memory

Last October, Peter Torr from Microsoft, wrote a blog on checking memory usage. He wrote a Memory Diagnostic Helper that adds an extra counter next to the EnableFrameRateCounter that is usually enabled in App.xaml.cs. It is NOT part of the Frame Rate counter, just next to it. So if you turn off the Frame Rate counter, the Memory Diagnostics still shows.

One thing I like about his post is that he provides a downloadable example. Other WP7 examples give most of the XAML and C# code, but occassionally there is one step missing to prevent creating an app from the samples. Sometimes it is the omission of a reference or a Using. With a downloadable example, I can tear apart what is going on. I have learned a lot of things from these sample apps that are not beyond what the original writer was trying to convey.

For Peter Torr’s Memory Diagnostic Helper he adds a reenforcing element by changing the colour from green to orange when memory usage goes above 75% and then to red when it gets above 90%.  As I said, the example contains a few gems that help me understand how to put together an app.

PS: Ginny Caughey (#GCaughey) Thanks for the reminder

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