What section was that in?

You can become a Visio master without turning on the developer tab, but if you do, then the real magic happens. It opens the world of the shapesheet and access to the internal structure of Visio. Visio has two types of sections, the visual sections you find when you “Open Shapesheet” and the real dataContinue reading “What section was that in?”

The adventures of Visio section shapes continues

A while back I created a stencil of Visio section shapes. They were based on screen shots of the Shapesheet, I added control handles to adjust “cell” widths. The cells content was stored in Excel. I then loaded the “cell” contents from Excel. So, I had shapes that looked like Shapesheet sections, but they hadContinue reading “The adventures of Visio section shapes continues”

Visio RowType?

I love spelunking through the Visio shapesheet and creating Visio shapes that are more than just plain clipArt. I use CellsSRC() to explore because I can iterate through an entire shapesheet and learn. Though CellsSRC sounds like Cells Source, it actually stands for Section, Row and Cell. Section is misleading. If you look at theContinue reading “Visio RowType?”

Enhanced Visio Shape Placement

Visio has a few gaps in how they place shapes. You can align shapes on their edge or vertical/horizontal center line, but you can not stack shapes. You can use a guideline to “stack” two shapes, but anything more gets very complex. You can distribute shapes based on the first and last shape in aContinue reading “Enhanced Visio Shape Placement”

Visio Background Check

Another interesting question from the Visio section of Answers. The user wanted to find the background colour of a page. He was using the Backgrounds tab on the Design ribbon. This creates a background page with a name like VBackground-1. So, what he was looking for was the colour of the first shape on theContinue reading “Visio Background Check”

Just cut the RED wire

I have been working on a twisted pair Line Pattern for wires in Visio and I ran into a problem. I wanted to highlight the wires by adding an ouline to it but as it stretched the Fill patterns, there appeared vertical lines every time the pattern repeated. (The horizontal lines in the below imageContinue reading “Just cut the RED wire”

Mea Culpa Graham Wideman

For several decades I have been incorrectly quoting Graham on what I thought was a neat technique with Visio line patterns. It is, but I messed up. When you create Visio Line Patterns, the areas that are black will use the shapes line colour, so if you really want black, you have to use “almostContinue reading “Mea Culpa Graham Wideman”