Scale in a Title Block

I was working on creating a blog about Title Blocks, but I got sidetracked on creating a Size Block element for the Title Block.

As with most blogs I started with a little research and came across these two blogs from some Visio experts.

So it seemed obvious that I needed to do an Insert Field

That was a good start, but that only gave the value. I wanted the units as well. Rereading Chris’s post made me realize I need to let “Insert Field” know I want to treat the value as a string. The easiest way is to concatenate a string to it. Chris used an empty string, but since I wanted to include an ” = ” and the DrawingScale I tried.

What I was hoping for was to be able to use the fractions as in the Page Setup dialog, but I got decimals and a single quote and double quote for feet and inches.

Actually, with a little playing around I came up with the following custom formulas…

I still need to play with the denominator. “#/#” will create a fraction and I can set the denominator # to a value, but what should that value be? 1/2, 3/4 and 1/32 all have different denominators.

When I was initially stuck with no units, I noticed Insert Field included User cells, so, I considered adding User cells to the Pagesheet and reference those cells.


Luckily I did crack the Formatting secret and the VBA solution was not needed. The VBA solution may be a bit much for the average user, most do not turn on VBA or know anything about it.

I also found that Chris AKA Visio Guy, had created a great set of posts on Title Blocks that mirror what I was basically going to publish, so I will limit my blog on Title Blocks to embellishments to what Chris has posted.

His Title Block blog posts are….

I hope you find this useful.

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