Is it Metric?

I am working on a blog post about Title Blocks and doing some research on adding a Scale value to a Visio text block and came across an interesting post by the shape miester Visio Guy (AKA Chris) (my usual research method is to review blogs by the Visio MVPs)


In the comments, one of the other Visio Masters mentioned he used

To determine if the document was Metric. I thought that there must have been an easier way and remembered that Graham Wideman had mentioned a Metric cell in one of his books on the shapesheet.

Section 1, Row 20, Cell 2

So, with a little VBA I gave it a test.

So, by checking this cell, you can determine if a Visio document was created with US or Metric units.

So, if you are serious about working with the Visio shapesheet, get a hold of one of Graham Wideman’s book and follow Chris (Visio Guy), David (BVisual), John (VisualSignals), Scott and the other Visio MVPs.

John… Visio MVP in x-aisle


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  1. A good find, and this hidden cell has the name Metric, so can be referred to directly from other cells, eg TheDoc!Metric

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