Visio Shape for Theatre Lighting

A few years ago I came across a document from the USITT, “USITT RP-2 Recommended Practice for Theatrical Lighting Design Graphics”, that illustrated the graphics to be used in Theatre lighting. It looked like a good example for Visio shapes, so I created a collection. Rather than a shape for shape creation, this is aContinue reading “Visio Shape for Theatre Lighting”

C# – The new APL?

Thanks to a heads up by HockeyGeekGirl, I have spent the last few days dissecting and digesting a new Mango example for handling a database. It is more than what I need, but it is useful exploring the code to figure out what makes it tick. My immediate interest is to dynamically create PivotItems forContinue reading “C# – The new APL?”

Guitar Electronics/Pickup Shapes for Microsoft Visio

Along with a link to “How to switch a Visio TV to USB” in my daily Google Alert on anything Visio was a little gem about creating pickup shapes for a Telecaster in Visio.  The link brought me to the Telecaster forums where there was a lively discussion on how to create the shapes The OPContinue reading “Guitar Electronics/Pickup Shapes for Microsoft Visio”

Visio GeoTrax

Any time I get bored I do a web search on keywords. Today I was looking for an old Visio logo and did a Bing on “Visio 1”. One of the interesting discovery was a stencil for Geotrax Link broken ;-( For more on Fisher Prices GeoTrax go to Link broken ;-( JohnContinue reading “Visio GeoTrax”