Visio’s Only one Background Page?

In several online tutorials (non Microsoft), it is usually mentioned that you can only have one background page. This is partially true. A page can only have one background page. This is often interpreted as meaning only foreground pages, but background pages can also have background pages. So it is possible, that a foreground page can have a series of background pages attached to it. Why would you want to do it? The advantage of a background page is that you can place objects in consistent locations on all pages that print. (foreground pages print, background pages do not print.) So with multiple background pages, the one at the end of the chain could contain the title block and any artwork common to it. The next to last could contain common item specific to a subset of the pages and so on.
Three minor point on background pages.

  1. Not all background pages are labelled background. (Mark: how about different colours on the tabs?)
  2. They will appear to the right of the foreground pages.
  3. Though they can not be printed they will show up in print preview.

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