Space the Final Frontier

As I was trolling the Answers forums for Visio questions, I came across an interesting question about Space shapes in the Japanese forums. No, I am not a linguist, but Suzy and the Answers team has provided a great tool so moderators can help in other languages. In the past, I used a Powershell script to scan Visio questions in various languages. A lot of searching was required to determine if any of the searches contained new questions. Replies came directly to me, so I only needed to search for new questions. The process took up a good part of an hour.

The new tool allowed moderators to specify their native language and a list of languages they wanted to search.

This resulted in a chronological list of posts, for all those languages. If there was nothing new in a language, nothing was reported. Now my search time was in minutes, so I could do this check more often. A bonus was that anything not in my native language was automatically translated to English. There have been few translation issues, most of the issues have been with users not understanding some of the subtle Visio terms, like H&Fs versus background pages.

I hope you find this useful.

John… Visio MVP in x-aisle

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