Time to get a fruity phone.

No, I am not switching to an Iphone. I just got the invitation to be part of the Mango beta. The upgrade to the WP7 SDK hinted at some tempting features and I am now eager to actually try it on a real device.

Earlier this week, One of the local Microsoft reps let me play with a real mango phone. The changes are subtle, but I barely scratched the surface on what it can do.

A big part of the battle of upgrading the phone is fought on the PR battlefield. To avoid some of the potential complaints it seemed that every second checkbox on the invitiation acceptance was to agree to backup. Having been bitten a few times, and having my backups bail me out, there requests for backups can not be overstated.

So, the files are downloaded and the instructions printed, now it is time to really read the instructions before upgrading.

John Marshall… Visio MVP       Visio.MVPs.org

PS: Anyone notice that they misspelled “instructions” in their final warning to read the instructions?

“Finally, one last reminder about reading the instrctions:”

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