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I spent a few hours tonight trying to figure out why dropping a shape onto a group was no longer working. The concept is that you can specify a shape as a group and then drop another shape on top of it and the second shape becomes part of the original group. This requires that the group have the IsDropTarget cell set in the Group properties and the shape being dropped have the IsDropSource cell of the Micellaneous group set. I went a few rounds and it seems for some reason the IsDropSource was being cleared. It had worked flawlessly and then I released that I had added to the shape.

One thing I had forgottent was that when you add a group of shapes to a master, it groups the shapes on dropping. So what I was getting caught by was the fact that a new shape was created when I dropped it on the page. This shape did NOT have the IsDropSource set.

So now, progress on the WP7 stencil can continue. The shape that gave me trouble was a shape for the Long Selector that I had added the letters to. It is now behaving. I now have shapes that respond to orientation, theme and accent colour. Soon the stencil will be ready to be released in to the wild.

John Marshall… Visio MVP

PS: I also got to experience the “error (1) occured during the action of Open File”. It has been many years since I had that error. The stencil I was working on was safe, it had been recently backed up. Unfortunately, I was not as diligent with the actual Visio file I was working on. It was basically a test bed for trying the shapes and consisted of many PhotoShop images that had been resized to match the new PW7 stencil. It gave a guick reference to make sure the new shapes matched up with what I was trying to achieve. Luckily, most of the of the shape sizing has been done, but it would have been nice to continue verifying that I was still on track.

The morale to this addendum is that you should always backup your files. No matter how trivial you currently consider them. Recreating the WP7 reference will be a couple more hours of loading and resizing PhotoShop images.

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