Windows 8 – Where do you start?

In Windows Phone seven, it was easy to find the starting page, you just looked in WMAppManifest.xml and look for the NavigationPage tag of the Tasks sections. The file is small and there isusually only one task. Unfortunately in Windows 8, it is not as straight forward. Like WP7 apps, the real start is inContinue reading “Windows 8 – Where do you start?”

WP7 Microsoft too straight laced?

For the latest round of updates to my apps, I was exploring the use of ads. So I was not surprised that one of the apps failed, but I was surprised by the reason. Acording to the report I was in violation of policy 3.7 “Certain types of Illegal Activity” and the comment said “ThisContinue reading “WP7 Microsoft too straight laced?”

WP7 Presentation Challenges

Back in February, I attended two all day Virtual Boot Camps at the Microsoft Office in Ottawa. Both were Interesting presentations with an interesting way to keep the presentation interesting. The events were a series of presentations, each followed by a challenge that involved what was just presented. The participants were divided into teams so that everyoneContinue reading “WP7 Presentation Challenges”

WP7 Do you want ads with that?

Contrary to what is posted, writing phone apps is NOT a road to riches. Not everyone can have the luck of writing an Angry Bird app. The actual writing of a simple app is very easy, the trick is to create something that people want. So far I have submitted five apps in the pastContinue reading “WP7 Do you want ads with that?”

Watch your Language!

The journey with WP7 continues. I have made several attempts to add multilanguage support to my WP7 apps with little success. The stumbling block in the process has been reaching the point which can be best described on a flowchart as “Magic Happens”. I am old school, so my approach to adding alternate languages is to use something likeContinue reading “Watch your Language!”

WP7 Will that be Portrait, Landscape or the other?

This week I attended a WP7 boot camp and was reminded that the phone has more than one orientation. The instructor did a Hello Phone application and should that the default behaviour is a single orientation, Portrait. She then went on to explain that with a bit of code, landscape can be supported. Actually, itContinue reading “WP7 Will that be Portrait, Landscape or the other?”

WP7 App number 2 is Live! (well it was)

This week my second app went live on the WP7 marketplace. It was a very quick process. Submitted Friday afternoon, live on Tuesday.  The experience seemed different from the first app. The first app was done as a demonstration on how easy a WP7 app is to create. Last fall at a Microsoft conference, beforeContinue reading “WP7 App number 2 is Live! (well it was)”