WP Developer in a Guilded Cage.

I have been working on Windows Phone apps for several years and I am still having trouble getting traction on creating new apps. Creating a Hello World is not a problem, but creating something more sophisticated requires a lot of effort. There is information out there, but it does take some work sifting through the chaff. There needs to be a way for the novices to get apprenticed. Currently, there are experts out there, but they are few compared to the number of developers. There are also novice experts who no more than a total novice, they may even no more than the experts on a specific topic.

It has been pointed out that certification is probably not the best way to find an expert. Certification only indicates that they can pass a test. For those with good memories, there are brain dumps available to help you pass. I have also sat on the other side of the fence and helped create certification tests, from criteria determination to actual question creation and evaluation. The questions are aimed at general knowledge rather than obscure information.

So most people, with a bit or work, should be able to pass. What has been suggested is that an apprentice system should be set up to help IT Pros/developers hone their craft. I would like to see a guild system where juniors learn from more senior professionals and in turn help others. Currently in the Windows Phone world it is two levels, the real experts and the others.

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  1. Very true John! I like your idea of “grooming” the noobs in the beginning to eventually turn into helpers later on once they gain experience. Kind of like community backed efforts helping people get involved then asking for their help and accepting it when they come forward. The only problem is organizing this. hhmmm maybe a study group could help? hee hee (ok ok, a bit of priming there)

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