Bevel* cells in the Visio shapesheet?

Recently I was exploring the new Visio 2013 shapesheet and came across a series of cells starting with Bevel*. Thanks to Jim Sun on the Visio team, I received the following answer: The cells in the Bevel Properties row are grouped into 6 concepts:  Top bevel (BevelTopType, BevelTopWidth, BevelTopHeight) Bottom bevel (BevelBottomType, BevelBottomWidth, BevelBottomHeight) DepthContinue reading “Bevel* cells in the Visio shapesheet?”

Converting from PowerPoint to Visio

Every so often I get requests about copying from PowerPoint to Visio and confusion about why it is not easy. The problem is that PowerPoint, like several of the other Office apps (Word, Excel and Publisher) have the ability to create Visio like drawings. These are not Visio drawings, just drawings that have Visio featuresContinue reading “Converting from PowerPoint to Visio”