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I regularly check the Visio section on Answers.Microsoft.com for questions to answer, but a lot of times, there is nothing new. So, sometimes I will change the URL and replace en-us with fr-fr or de-de, maybe there are new Visio questions in the French or German group.

On the weekend I scrolled down on the Answers page and noticed.

Clicking on the language brought up a list of alternate languages

It was a faster way to switch languages. Of course, Visio was not available in all languages. So I started with EFIGS and added Polish and Portuguese. It is interesting that the language and the country codes match for most of the languages, but Portuguese is Brazil. So rather than trying to remember which ones, I created a PowerShell script to open a new window for each language

$lngs = @("en-us","fr-fr","de-de","pl-pl","it-it","es-es","es-es")
foreach($lng in $lngs){
$url= "https://answers.microsoft.com/"+$lng+”/msoffice/forum/msoffice_visio"
    Start-Process $url

Some of the other languages that have Visio support are Japan Ja-jp Turkey Tr-tr, Russia Ru-ru, Hebrew He-il, Arabic Ar-sa, Korean Ko-kr

Before you start to think of me as a linguistic genius, though I did take French and Latin in school my linguistic interests lean elsewhere. In University, engineers had to take Arts courses to be well rounded. One course I took was on comparative languages. Latin, Greek? No, APL, Assembler, COBOL, Fortran, PL1 etc. Though I did try to load my Arts course with computer languages, I did minor in Psychology and Law. It is a shame some of my so called friends did not study the 5th Amendment beyond the right to self incrimination. It does cover the right to due process.

So, what is the point in looking at Visio in other languages if you cannot understand them? When you change the language on the Answers page it asks if you want that page to be translated. If you agree, then you can explore that page in your native language rather than the language the post was made in. So, this is a method to examine any Office app questions in various language, just replace Visio with the appropriate tag.

So how should you answer these questions if you are not comfortable in that language? I have been answering in English, but going forward, I will continue to answer in English AND add a Google Translate in the language of that forum. Images may be an issue, but I believe most of the content of an image does not rely on the language.

Quick Navigation Tip: the forums are up to fifty pages of twenty topics. If you are starting from scratch, you can get to a higher page number by using the Page parameter in the URL Just select the URL press right arrow to get to the end, the Page parameter is the last one and replace the 1 with the Page you want. Normal navigation is ascending by one to four pages, going directly to fifty or the current max page number or descending by one page. This Tip will get you directly to a page.

Thanks Sean.

I hope you find this useful.

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