Updated Pool Table

It looks like the original pool table shape had a problem with internationalization. I have updated the shape and the issue has been eliminated.

In the original designed I used lists to control the colour of the cloth. One list was used  to present colour options to the user by displaying names of colours. The second list was a list of the RGB values those colours represented. When the user was presented with the list of colours I would get an index of the colour in that list. I would then use that index to get the RGB value from the RGB list. I had another user cell that contained the RGB value that was retrieved from the RGB list.

The problem appears that though I can place a text string of an RGB value in the foreground colour cell and it worked, but in French, German and Russian* it would be set to black. In the original Visio there were 24 colours numbered from 0 to 23. Later, it was possible to enter any RGB value to get a wide palette of colours. So, when the formula failed it returned a value of zero, which in Visio means black. Testing also showed that entering unquoted RGB values in the Foreground cell in other languages worked. Was it a matter that Visio was applying internationalization rules to colours?

* It is great to have friends who have Visio installed in these languages on their machines.

The workaround I used was to replace the string of RGB values with a list of unquoted RGB values.

I was able to simplify the shape into a single shape with a User cell containing a text string of an RGB value and the Foreground cell pointing to it.

So, if you had this problem with my shape, try downloading an updated version.


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