Security Badge update

I have taken another look at the Security Badge Visio shape I uploaded to the Technet Gallery and though it was passable, I could have done better.

The shoulder and the head in the picture  were two separate shapes so they were joined. As Visio Guy is always stressing the fewer shapes or groups, the better. The White bars, the hole and the picture background were all separate shapes and they were replaced by punching holes in the background. A new shape was added behind the shape so that there was a background visible through the holes.

Changing the background of the badge was always tricky if you changed the shape colour, all the sub shape colours also changed. In this new shape colour I “Guard” the black colour of the silhouette.

Minor point, but I changed the bounding box of the shape. I ungrouped the shape and then regrouped all but the metal clip. I then locked the LockCalcWH in the Protection section of the shape before adding the clip to the group.

The original download of the shape was as a stencil, but I have switched it to a drawing. So you just drag and drop to add the shape to your collection. If there were more shapes, I would have left it as a stencil.

So what can the shape be used for? If you are creating a workflow, you can indicate that a certain security level is required or it can be used to indicate that a badge is being created. It can also be used for a Data Graphic, that can be embellish a shape with different colours of security badges to indicate that a certain security level is required. (Go for it JDP)


John Marshall… Visio MVP

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