Visio WP7 stencil

Someone asked in the AppHub if there was a Visio stencil for Windows Phone 7. There actually was one created by a member of the WP7 team and I was able to get a copy. It is a basic stencil, but I am currently upgrading it to be more Visio-like.

Most of this can be done in Expression Blend, but I am aiming the stencil at users who want to create mockups to be used in Visio or PowerPoint. The stencil will support the WP7 accent colours and the colour can be changed be setting a value on the page. My personal aim is to get the VisioGuy seal of approval.

John Marshall… Visio MVP

Published by johnvisiomvp

The original Visio MVP. I have worked with the Visio team since 1993