Upgrading to Expression Web

This week there were changes to the site that hosts Visio.MVPs.org and the site lost it’s navigation capabilities so I had to scramble and upgrade the site from FrontPage to Expression Web. In general, it was a very painless experience, but there was a lot to learn. Using Master.dwtmade life very easy, but for some reason I was able to break the link to it on several pages. In one case I duplicated the page and thought renaming would be all that was needed. Luckily I saw a suggestion from fellow Microsoft MVP Cheryl Wise and just dropped the Master.dwt on the afflicted pages. problem solved.

Now that the website is maintained on my laptop, I no longer have to crank up a machine to run FrontPage 2003. That means a shorter turnaround time for changes and the site has a better chance to be kept up to date.

Of course, there is still a lot more to learn to master Expression Web, but the ground work is done.

John Marshall… Visio MVP       Visio.MVPs.org

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