WP7 app submitted, failed, resubmitted

Over the weekend I submitted my first app and the submission process was not as scarey as expected. This morning I got notification that the app had failed, so it was on to the next step patch and resubmitted. It was not a big app, or a serious one, but it was one way toContinue reading “WP7 app submitted, failed, resubmitted”

I just survived my WP7 first upgrade

So what do I think of the process? It was slow. There was no inidcation that the process was ongoing or had died. The graphic on the phone during the process was interesting. It was a picture of the phone connected by a cable to the phone. Unfortunately, there was an arrow pointing from theContinue reading “I just survived my WP7 first upgrade”

Tired of the Windows Phone Emulator?

It seems a trend among geeks to have their laptops covered in stickers. Whether that is to support their favourite products or to actually hold their machine together, is unsure. You can also do the same branding to your phone. This even extends to the WP7 emulator. The emulator uses a skin in C:\Program FilesContinue reading “Tired of the Windows Phone Emulator?”