Ottawa IT Camp

This Saturday is the fourth annual Ottaws Code Camp. Since we now embrace the other IT groups in Ottawa, we now refer to the event as an IT camp. In the first year, we expected sixty odd attendees, but were overwhelmed with 178. Over the interim years, the turn out has been in the 160 range. So with 141 signed up, I am not sure what to expect. Usually, a number of registrants do not show up and we have a walk in crowd. The policy of the IT Camp is that it is a free event and do not want to turn anyone away. If there is room, we will accomodate.

I am looking forward to the track on WP7.

John Marshall… Visio MVP

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The original Visio MVP. I have worked with the Visio team since 1993

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  1. Thank you for helping to organize the conference! I for one realy enjoyed myself and also loved the WP7 track! :> I loved hearing about what’s coming in Mango! Keep up the great work and I can’t wait until next year, 5th year anniversary! I hope it’ll be GREAT!

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