I just survived my WP7 first upgrade

So what do I think of the process?

  1. It was slow. There was no inidcation that the process was ongoing or had died.
  2. The graphic on the phone during the process was interesting. It was a picture of the phone connected by a cable to the phone. Unfortunately, there was an arrow pointing from the laptop to the phone with the classic “No” symbol on top of it. Was that to indicate that the phone should not be unplugged or indicating that the transfer was progressing.
  3. The Setup / Upgrade page on the phone should indicate the current version of the phone. That way the user will know whether the upgrade has happened.

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2 thoughts on “I just survived my WP7 first upgrade

  1. Very cool! I’m trying to get my NoDo update, but for some reason it’s not coming up at all? DOH! :< Have to wait a bit longer. :<

  2. Rumour on the web right now is carriers “might” be blocking the update. That would explain why I can’t get it. Come on Rogers, speed up! Ya ya, I’m impatient I know, I know but Telus is yet, again, ahead of the game.

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