More Row Types

I published a Word document of the Visual Visio sections I found to my download page.

The document contains cells from CellsSRC() that do not appear in the visual sections. They are highlighted in red in the document. Though there are some that are labeled as Unused or have nonsense names, there are some that are interesting.

Document PropertiesMetric
EventsEventPatMas, EventTextOverflow
Fill FormatShdwBkgnd, ShdwBkgndTrans
MiscellaneousShapeTabStop, ShapeKeywords
Page PropertiesUpdateNotes
Page PropertiesShdwOffsetX, ShdwOffsetY, ShdwType, ShdwObliqueAngle, ShdwScaleFactor
RulerXRulerSpacing, YRulerSpacing
Shape LayoutShapePlaceDepth
Text Block FormatTextMaxDepth, TextGeometry, TextContainer
Text FieldsType, UICat, UICod, UIFmt
Text TransformTxtFlipX, TxtFlipY


  • The UI* entries are for backword compatability.
  • David Parker did a blog about ShapeKeywords.
  • Some of the others look tempting to explore

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