WP7 A Tale of Two App Ids

I am still fighting my way through the world of getting revenue from WP7 apps. The latest piece of insight was that PubCenter and the Marketplace have DIFFERENT App Ids.  The information about adding ads to your app appear trivial, but it is not as trivial as it sounds. Yes, with the Mango upgrades, you can just drag an ad control from the ToolBox in Visual Studio and it is done. Well almost, you still need to wire up the ad. So the obvious first step is to go over to PubCenter and get an add. Unfortunately, PubCenter wants an existing app. Here the process is just a matter of supplying an app name and PubCenter will give you an App Id. This is NOT the same as the app id you recieved when submitting the app to the marketplace. With the PubCenter app id you can then finish wiring the ad control. If you plan to give the user a way of paying for the app from within the app, then you will need to use the Marketplace app id.

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