HP can not write software

I just started doing some clean up on one of my removable drives and the HP Diagnostic Tools decided to kick in. There was no prompt to allow me to tell the program that I was busy and that the program should wait. Instead it plopped a “Please Wait” message in the middle of the screen. I was in the process of changing the permissions on a 2T drive and it gave me a popup. Unfortunately, it appeared behind the HP message. No big deal, I will just move the HP message… BUT…. the message is front and center, on top and can not be moved. Luckily the MS message was slightly taller and I was able to grab a sliver of the message and move it to somewhere readable. It was not a critical message, but without moving it, I would never have known.

The HP DT had gone into limbo mode for more than fifteen minutesand I hate to give it a three finger salute to get rid of it.

I have had a long association with HP computers going back to the days of the HP1000 and HP3000 and software has been a issue. I remember one time during the HP 3000 days when one of the HP reps came in to talk about a great new editor. That was in the days of Word 1 and some of the VAX full screen editors. The editor? EDLIN! a command line orientated editor.  ;-(

I still have a HP110, HP150 and a HP Omnibook in the basement. My current laptop is an HP, but considering how my wife’s HP laptop disintegrated (the keys kept popping out and the hinge broke) and that my screen is too shiny to use for presentations, my association with HP has come to an end.

(too shiny? doing a presentation, you have to be able to glance at your screen, but all I see is a mirror that reflects everthing, including my face. During a presentation, you can not waste time hunting for a cursor.)

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