The WP7 hidden keyboard

At first glance, the WP7 appears to be limited in capabilities, but if you hold some of the keys, you will get a minikeyboard with more selections.  Hold e and you get a choice of eëéêè or hold . and you get a choice of -!:?.  Try some of the other keys like y,u,o,a,s,c,n and m.

Don’t forget the numeric keyboard, especially the $ key.

The space bar is also overloaded. If you need to end a sentence, double tap the space bar. A period-space will be entered to end the sentence and the next letter typed will be capitalized.

John Marshall… Visio MVP

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2 thoughts on “The WP7 hidden keyboard

  1. Very cool! The hiccup I found was sometimes a period gets entered AND a space, where you just want the period (and no space). I can’t remember the exact use case at the moment, but it does happen rather often.

    The one I WISH MS had coded up was the holding of the SHIFT to get the shift lock.

    Nice information!

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