Visio Braille

I was getting withdrawal symptoms from not blogging about Visio or creating a new Visio shape for a while. I have not done this all year.

Visio is a graphics package and it may seem strange that I created a shape for the blind.

The shape is simple and is a good example of how a Visio shape can be smarter than plain clipart. I am sure others will find use for this shape.

The shape is a simple shape of six circles and the encoding of Braille is just a few User cells. These are the basic A-Z,0-9 symbols. There are more

The visibility of the dots is controlled by the Geometry section for each dot’s NoFill cell.

As you can see, the shape was very easy to create. There is enough information here for you to create your own version. I need to add a few more symbols to the shape and do some more research on the subject. Like how can you tell the difference between A,B,C and 1,2,3. Eventually I will add this shape and a shape that allow you to enter a Braille sentence to the download page at a later date.

The complete time from idea to creation and blogging has been less than 12 hrs.

This was fun and Fast.

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